Biggest mistakes that St Andrews admission officers see in applications

Is your St Andrews personal statement reflective enough?

The personal statement is an incredibly useful contextual clue for St Andrews, giving them insight into their applicants. That’s why they warn students not to treat it like a laundry list of qualifications or a resume. Many applicants get so caught up in why they’re qualified to be admitted into the college, that they forget to talk about what they want to study and why.

This lack of reflection is often a major factor in differentiating between applicants. A competitive university such as St Andrews has students with top grades applying. What differentiates these high academic achievers is how well they can articulate their goals and identity, and how St Andrews fits into that.

Do you think your personal statement is reflective enough to truly say something about you, your goals, how the university can help you reach them, and how you could contribute in turn?

If you’re not sure, contact us to get your personal statement reviewed. We can help you craft a statement that will stand out to the admissions committee and increase your chances of getting accepted.

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