Curiosity + Effort > IQ for Academic Success

Most parents want to raise high-achieving kids, but we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing. It’s time to shift our focus from searching for innate talents to nurturing Curiosity and Effort.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that high achievers possess a hidden, innate talent waiting to be discovered. But science tells us that our intelligence isn’t fixed; our brains are dynamic. The brain is made up of billions of neurons and it is the connections between these neurons that allow us to think. The more connections we make, the better our problem-solving ability is.

It’s not about finding talents; it’s about cultivating curiosity and effort. I’ve witnessed this transformation while coaching over 10,000 students to prestigious universities.

A study showed that 7th graders who were given two sessions on how intelligence isn’t innate, in addition to being taught about study skills, performed 3 times better than the group who was just taught about study skills.

That’s exactly why I’ve developed programs to nurture curiosity and effort. Let’s shift our focus from the talent hunt to empowering the next generation with the real tools for success.

Contact us to learn more about our Future Achiever programs where we help students understand what they’re curious about, engage with their interests in meaningful ways, combine their interests to create new ones, and reframe limiting beliefs.

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