Good Faculty Can Transform Your Educational Experience

Poets and Quants recently released their 40 under 40 list for MBA professors, based on student and faculty nominations. These professors are all under the age of 40 and have made a significant impact on their students and colleagues.

Here are three examples of these professors:

  • Anastassia Fedyk, assistant professor of finance, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business: Fedyk’s research focuses on the intersection of behavioural finance and innovation. She has published in top journals such as the Journal of Finance and Journal of Financial Economics, and her work has been awarded numerous awards.
  • Namrata Goyal, Assistant Professor of People Management, Esade Business School: Goyal is a social psychologist studying how cultural and moral norms affect decision-making in organizations. She is the Academic Director of the Decision Lab, Esade’s empirical research hub.
  • Franklin Shaddy, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making, UCLA Anderson School of Management: Shaddy is interested in understanding how consumers form judgments and make decisions in the marketplace. His current research examines goals and motivation, the psychology of bundling, perceptions of fairness, and the causes and consequences of consumer impatience.

These are just a few examples of the many great faculty members who are transforming the educational experience for students around the world.

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