How to Transfer to Columbia: Hear from a Student Who Made It!

Columbia University is one of the most selective schools in the world, and transferring in is even more competitive. They typically admit fewer than 10 per cent of the applicants for transfer admission each year.  But it’s not impossible!

We’ve helped students transfer to Columbia, and we know what it takes to stand out in the applicant pool.

Here’s what one of our students had to say:

“Futureworks helped me to transfer by helping me build a really strong resume in college. They helped me craft a unique narrative, carefully weaving together my personal experiences, school activities, college research, and leadership achievements. Having worked with another counsellor for my freshman applications, I can confidently say that the difference they make is tremendous.”

What makes transfer applications different?

Transfer applications are different from first-year applications in a few critical ways:

  • You need to have a strong college GPA. While Columbia’s website states that it typically admits transfer students with a minimum GPA of 3.5, your GPA should be closer to 4.
  • You need to have a clear and compelling reason for transferring. Why do you want to transfer to Columbia specifically? What can you offer that other transfer applicants can’t?
  • Your letters of recommendation need to be from college professors, not high school teachers.

How can Futureworks help you transfer to Columbia?

We can help you with every aspect of the transfer application process, from building your resume and writing your personal statement to choosing the right schools and preparing for your interviews.

We understand the unique challenges of transfer applications, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Contact us to understand how you can boost your chances of transferring to Columbia!

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