NYU Stern MBA Graduates Outpace Job Market in Tough Economy

Most students working towards a master’s or an MBA program have the same concern in the present economy. Will they get a job?

Despite the tough economy, NYU Stern MBA graduates of 2023 outpaced the job market, securing jobs at the same rate as their predecessors. In fact, they set new records in terms of base salary and total compensation.

What was perhaps most surprising was that most students were hired in the consulting industry, despite reports of hiring cutbacks.

Consulting firms were the top employers of NYU Stern MBA graduates in 2023, with McKinsey hiring the most students (24), followed by Deloitte (18) and Strategy& (15). Amazon, the top hirer in 2022, came in sixth place with 10 hires.

These are interesting statistics for MBA aspirants to consider. The strong job market for Stern graduates is a testament to the school’s rigorous curriculum and its focus on preparing students for the real world. Stern graduates are highly sought-after by employers across all industries, and they continue to achieve success in the global economy.

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