Preparing for Oxbridge Interviews

What most people don’t realise about Oxbridge applications is that when you get called for an interview, it gets scheduled within a week. This means that you have one week to prepare for the most crucial part of the application process.

This is often not enough. In fact, we recommend that students start preparing for the interview while completing their applications. This way, they have enough time to develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to respond to unfamiliar problems with creativity and rationale.

Based on my experience, as well as the experience of my students, multiple rounds of practice is what see students through these interviews. Here is what one of my students had to say about their preparation experience.

“With multiple mock interviews every week, each crafted based on previous interviews conducted by Oxford, Kavita ensured that I was confident about facing any type of problem.

The assessment of the mock interviews helped me identify areas of improvement, as well as come up with creative solutions to overcome them. Without this well-rounded guidance, I don’t know if I would’ve gotten into my dream university…”

Without adequate practice, even the best candidate may fall short due to the abstract nature of the interview.

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