Supercurriculars- Are They Relevant for US Colleges?



UK colleges aren’t the only ones who care about Supercurriculars.

The US Common App receives about a million applications each year- and as of 2023, these numbers are steadily rising. How can you stand out? By developing your supercurriculars.

You’d be surprised at how many people actually overlook the academic honors in the Common App. And so, most students only have school level achievements to put. But you could have national or, like most of our clients, international honors, which would set you apart by leaps and bounds. Do you want to be part of this small group, who have significantly increased chances of an acceptance?

Focusing on developing our clients’ supercurricular profiles is our priority- and 97.5% of our clients have gotten offers from their top 4 universities. We can advise you on writing winning essays for prestigious, international competitions, writing in-depth research papers and getting them published, and much more!

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