Are Good Grades Enough to Get Into a Top 5 UK College?

Are good grades enough to get into a top 5 UK college?

Many students believe that getting good grades in high school is all they need to get into a top 5 UK college. However, this is not the case. In addition to good grades, UK colleges also look for students who have demonstrated their interest in their intended subjects beyond the classroom through supercurricular activities.

Supercurricular activities are any activities that you do outside of school that are related to your academic interests. They can include things like volunteering, research, internships, competitions, and clubs.

If you are interested in biology and are aiming for a top UK university, here are some interesting supercurricular activities you could pursue:

  • At home:
    • Do a series of experiments and detail your observations. For example, you could observe the nature in your back garden and how it changes throughout the year.
    • Read books and articles about biology.
    • Watch documentaries and TED talks about biology.
  • At school:
    • Join the biology club or start your own club.
    • Volunteer at a local science museum or zoo.
    • Shadow a biologist or other healthcare professional.
  • At a national and international level:
    • Take part in national biology competitions.
    • Apply for research programs.
    • Attend international conferences.

It is important to choose supercurricular activities that you are passionate about and that will help you develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen subject.

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